10 Questions With… Mark Stay

Hi everyone, and this evening on the blog I’m delighted to welcome crime writer Mark Stay. He very kindly put together his answers to my questions in the video below. A transcript is below the video. Over to you, Mark… 1) Did you always want to be an author? What were your favourite books fromContinue reading “10 Questions With… Mark Stay”

An Interview With… Louise Cullen

Hi everyone, and this morning on the blog I’m delighted to welcome Louise Cullen. Louise is a publishing director for Canelo, a London based independent publisher. I was intrigued by the role so was delighted to have the opportunity to speak to her. Over to you, Louise… 1) How did you first become involved inContinue reading “An Interview With… Louise Cullen”

An Interview With…. Alastair Natkiel

Hi everyone! Today on the blog I’m delighted to welcome Alastair Natkiel. Alastair is an actor and singer and has most recently been on screen in BBC’s Line of Duty as OCG member Lee Banks. I was very pleased that he was able to accommodate an interview. Read on for how he started out inContinue reading “An Interview With…. Alastair Natkiel”

An Interview With… Sinead Matthews

Hi everyone, and today on the blog, I’m delighted to welcome Sinead Matthews. Sinead is a fantastic actress and I was really pleased when she agreed to an interview about her career highlights. She also chats about how the pandemic has affected her job. Over to you, Sinead… 1) How did you first become toContinue reading “An Interview With… Sinead Matthews”