10 Questions With… Russel D McLean

Hi everyone, and this morning on the blog I’m delighted to welcome Glasgow based crime writer Russel D McLean. Russel is the author of five novels and has been published, over the years, in a vast number of magazines and anthologies. I was delighted when he agreed to join me to discuss his writing journeyContinue reading “10 Questions With… Russel D McLean”

Safe And Sound… A Q&A with Philippa East

Hi everyone, and today on the blog I’m delighted to welcome Philippa East. I’m chatting to Philippa about her new novel Safe and Sound which is released TODAY!!! Today, people!! Go to Amazon! I was delighted when Philippa agreed to answer some questions on her writing approach. Over to you, Philippa… 1) Where did theContinue reading “Safe And Sound… A Q&A with Philippa East”

An Interview With… Joanna Swainson

Hi everyone and today on the blog, I’m delighted to welcome Joanna Swainson. Joanna is a co founder and literary agent at Hardman Swainson. I was delighted when she took some time to divulge what she looks for in submissions, as well as what she has been up to during lockdown. Over to you, Joanna…Continue reading “An Interview With… Joanna Swainson”

An Interview With… Kate Burke

Hi everyone, and on the blog today I’m delighted to have Kate Burke, a literary agent at Blake Friedmann. Kate answers my questions on how she started out in the industry and what she looks for in submissions. Over to you, Kate… 1) How did you first become involved in the publishing industry? Was itContinue reading “An Interview With… Kate Burke”