An Interview With… Natasha Bardon

Hi everyone, and this morning I’m delighted to welcome Natasha Bardon to the blog. Natasha is a Publishing Director for the Fantasy imprint at HarperCollins. Although I’m a crime writer, I started out reading fantasy novels so I was delighted when Natasha agreed to an interview. Read on for how she started out in theContinue reading “An Interview With… Natasha Bardon”

Second Drafts With… Ramsey Campbell

Hi everyone, and today on the blog I’m delighted to welcome Liverpool based horror writer Ramsey Campbell – I have to admit that horror isn’t a genre I’m familiar with, maybe because it scares the s*t out of me – I take my hat off to Ramsey for being able to write horror and IContinue reading “Second Drafts With… Ramsey Campbell”

An Interview With… Hannah Sheppard

Hi everyone, and on the blog today I’m delighted to welcome literary agent Hannah Sheppard. Hannah works at D H H Literary Agency and she was kind enough to answer my questions on what she is looking out for in submissions, along with what she has been up to in lockdown. Over to you, Hannah…Continue reading “An Interview With… Hannah Sheppard”