An Interview With… Jodie McNee

Hi everyone and this evening on the blog I’m delighted to welcome actress Jodie McNee. This is the first time I have interviewed an actress, and as I am a huge fan of Jodie’s work.

Having watched her as Angela in Criminal Justice as well as true crime dramas Anthony and Little Boy Blue – I was delighted when she agreed to come on the blog and answer some questions about her career highlights, what attracts her to a script and what she has been up to during lockdown.

Over to you, Jodie…

1) How did you first become to be involved in the industry? Was it something you always wanted to do? Did you have any other career plans?

I can’t remember what age it started, feels like I knew very early on that I loved it. I was such a shy child, but I just loved being on stage. I was really lucky because my mum and my teachers at school were so supportive and encouraged me to go into acting. I think I would’ve been a nurse if I hadn’t got into acting.

2) Your career has varied between television, film and theatre. Which of the three would you say is your favourite and why?

I love all three. Theatre is about a connection with the audience, and a sharing of ideas. Tv and film are very much about capturing truthful moments, I love being on a set and watching the other actors, witnessing their process. It’s all fascinating to me.

3) You played Jackie Carter in Little Boy Blue. How did you find the role and the research involved in preparing for the production?

Little Boy Blue was a privilege to be part of. It was a dramatisation of a real event, so it was a very delicate subject for Rhys’s loved ones and for the people of Liverpool, everyone involved felt a personal responsibility to tell the story truthfully and to do our absolute best.

Before we started I read up as much as I could about the case.
The director, producer and writer had been working together on the script for years, so it was intensely researched, all with the blessing of Rhys’s parents Mel and Steve.

4) When you read a script, what do you pay attention to in particular? Does the character leap off the page for you? What makes you think ‘Yes, I want to play this role!’?

I just have to connect to it, for me it’s a feeling rather than conscious thought, a gut feeling.

For example when I played Faustus last year, I read Chris Bush’s script and thought “I’ve got to play this part” because the writing was so wild, and clever I instantly fell in love with it.

It’s not always just the character that excites me, it can be the project as a whole, the subject or the writer or director that draws me in. It’s a collaborative process and that’s what I love most.

5) How did you find your current agent? Would you say the process is the same for a writer seeking representation? For example, a submission reel is the same as a sample of a manuscript?

You usually send your cv and showreel to the agent or if you’re in a show you can invite them along to see it.

6) How have you been coping during lockdown? As an actress, how has lockdown affected you?

I’ve been lucky enough to have some work during lockdown, which I am very grateful for because it’s been extremely difficult for so many in our industry, many freelancers have been overlooked and are struggling.

7) During the pandemic, what have you missed most about the day to day routine of your job?

I miss the collaboration and being part of a company.

8) Are you currently reading any books? Between fiction and non fiction, what is your favourite? Do you have a favourite genre?

I’m reading Women Who Run with Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I’m interested in lots of different genres.

9) During lockdown, what have you been watching on television? Do you have a favourite programme that you watch religiously?

I watched Schitts Creek three times over because I’m obsessed with Moira Rose. I also watch a LOT of Four In A Bed and I’m currently watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race religiously.

10) If you had to choose between Rod Stewart, Freddie Mercury (Queen) or Brian Johnson (AC/DC), who would you choose and why?

Freddie Mercury! He’s an icon and an incredible talent.

Thank you for visiting the blog Jodie. Thank you very much for taking the time out for me and for being so accommodating. It has been a pleasure to interview you! 🙂


Britannia – 3 seasons (Willa)
Anthony (Nurse Susan Parr)
Agatha And The Death Of X (PC O’Hannauer) Vera (Natalie Bell)
Little Boy Blue (WPC Carter)
Ripper Street (Myrtle Waters)
Criminal Justice 2 (Angela)
Poirot (Annie)
The Liverpool Nativity (Mary)
Shane (Nurse)

Unprecedented: Fear Fatigue (Beatrice) Faustus:That Damned Woman (Faustus) Venice Preserved (Belvidera)
Anatomy Of A Suicide (Jo/Laura/Lola) The Night Watch (Kay)
The Oak Tree (Actress)
Our Country’s Good (Liz Morden)
Game (Carly)
Three Winters (Alisa)
Hamlet (Rosencrantz./Second Grave Digger) Hobsons Choice (Maggie Hobson) Twelfth Night (Viola)
The Empty Quarter (Holly)
A Life Of Galileo (Virginia)
Orpheus Descending (Carol CutrereWritten On The Heart (Mary Currer) Measure For Measure (Isabella)
This Happy Breed (Vi)
Seagull (Masha)
When We Are Married (Ruby)
Canary (Melanie/Nurse/Sue the miners wife)
Knives In Hens (Young Woman) When We Are Married (Ruby) A Taste Of Honey (Jo)
Double Portrait
King Lear (Cordelia)
The Frontline (Polish Jodie)
Cymbeline (Imogen)
Jenufa (Jenufa)
Mother Courgae And Her Children (Kattrin) The Changeling (Isabella)
The Burial At Thebes

Official Secrets (Duty Solicitor)
Judy (Vivian)
Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool (Jessie)

The Physician (Agnes Cole)
Collider – Short (Melinda)
One Happy Moment – Short (Kasha)
A Picture Of Me (Sarah)

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