An Interview With… Max Edwards

Hi everyone, and this afternoon I’m delighted to welcome literary agent Max Edwards to the blog. Max is an agent at Aevitas Creative, based in London and he was kind enough to answer a few questions on what he has been up to in lockdown, how he first got involved in the industry and whatContinue reading “An Interview With… Max Edwards”

10 Questions With… Mari Hannah

Hi everyone, and today I’m honoured to have the opportunity to interview crime writer Mari Hannah. I attended my first ever Harrogate festival for crime writers in July 2019, and when I got in touch with Mari to ask whether she would like to be featured, I thought I would get a polite rejection. IContinue reading “10 Questions With… Mari Hannah”

First Drafts With… Nick Quantrill

Hi everyone, and today on the blog I’m delighted to welcome crime writer Nick Quantrill. Nick is based in Hull and with his new Joe Geraghty novel coming out tomorrow, I was delighted when he kindly set aside some time to answer some questions on his first draft process! Over to you, Nick… 1) WhenContinue reading “First Drafts With… Nick Quantrill”

10 Questions With… Paul Burston

Hi everyone, today on the blog I’m delighted to welcome Paul Burston. Although I have only recently discovered Paul’s writing through his psychological thriller, The Closer I Get, I was delighted when he agreed to an interview about his writing journey. Over to you, Paul… 1) Did you always want to be a writer? WasContinue reading “10 Questions With… Paul Burston”