An Interview With… Sile Edwards

Hi everyone, today on the blog I’m delighted to welcome literary agent Sile Edwards. Sile is a literary agent at Mushens Entertainment, and joins me today as I ask her all about her road to her current role, what she looks for in a submission package and what she has been up to during lockdown.Continue reading “An Interview With… Sile Edwards”

An Interview With… Juliet Pickering

Hi everyone, and today on the blog I’m delighted to welcome literary agent Juliet Pickering. Juliet works for Blake Friedmann Literary Agency and represents literary and commercial fiction. Details on what else she’s looking for are below the Q&A. I was delighted when she kindly took the time to answer my questions on alongside whatContinue reading “An Interview With… Juliet Pickering”

An Interview With… Megan Finney

Hi everyone, and this evening on the blog I’m delighted to introduce to you my co ML for NaNoWriMo Liverpool. Megan has been a real help to me and my fellow WriMos for the past three years and I’m delighted to announce that I am now co ML alongside her for this NaNoWriMo year. IContinue reading “An Interview With… Megan Finney”

10 Questions With… Amer Anwar

Hi everyone, and continuing my new combined interview approach, I am chatting to crime writer Amer Anwar about his writing journey and drafting process. Amer took some time away from writing to answer my questions on how he started writing, his writing process and what happens post representation, once your manuscript is with an editor.Continue reading “10 Questions With… Amer Anwar”