10 Questions With… Jack Byrne

Hi everyone, and this afternoon I’m delighted to welcome Jack Byrne to the blog. Jack is from Liverpool and has set his debut novel here. I was delighted when he agreed to an interview, and to find out about his writing journey. Details of how to contact him are below the Q&A. Over to you,Continue reading “10 Questions With… Jack Byrne”

An Interview With… Tom Ashton

Hi everyone, and on the blog this evening I’m delighted to welcome Tom Ashton. Tom is an editor and award winning novelist, currently working for Northodox Press. He joined me on the blog to chat about his career to date and what he looks for in submissions. Over to you, Tom… 1) How did youContinue reading “An Interview With… Tom Ashton”

An Interview With… Genevieve Pegg

Hi everyone, also this morning on the blog I’m delighted to welcome Genevieve Pegg. Genevieve is the Publishing Director for Harper North, a northern based imprint of HarperCollins. I was really intrigued by Genevieve’s role so I was delighted when she agreed to answer a few questions on her career to date. Over to you,Continue reading “An Interview With… Genevieve Pegg”

First Drafts With… Jay Stringer

Hi everyone, and today on the blog I’m delighted to welcome crime writer Jay Stringer. Jay is the author of the Eoin Miller trilogy, a detective series set in the Black Country, England and the author of the Sam Ireland Glasgow set series. I was delighted when he took some time to answer my questionsContinue reading “First Drafts With… Jay Stringer”