First Drafts With… Ella Allbright

Hi everyone! This evening I am delighted to welcome author Ella Allbright to the blog. Ella writes commercial women’s fiction and is signed to The Blair Partnership. Her first novel as a women’s fiction writer is out in August. Her bio is below, followed by her answers to my questions on how she tackles theContinue reading “First Drafts With… Ella Allbright”

First Drafts With… Fanny Blake

Good afternoon everyone, and today I’m delighted to welcome Fanny Blake to the blog. Fanny worked as a publisher for a number of years, her time spent editing both fiction and non fiction. She then began to work as both a journalist and a writer, and has written several bestsellers. Her latest novel, A SummerContinue reading “First Drafts With… Fanny Blake”

First Drafts With… Robert Scragg

Good afternoon everyone, and I’m delighted to welcome crime writer Robert Scragg to the blog, for another addition to the first draft process. You can connect with him on twitter @robert_scragg or via his website Robert has had two novels published, What Falls Between The Cracks and Nothing Else Remains. His third novel, AllContinue reading “First Drafts With… Robert Scragg”

First Drafts With… William Shaw

Hi everyone, good evening and welcome to another interview with an author on the all important first draft process. Tonight, Brighton based crime writer William Shaw answers my questions. Over to you, William… 1) When you begin the next book, how do you go about it?  It’s quite a weird process. With Deadland, all IContinue reading “First Drafts With… William Shaw”

An Interview With… Laetitia Rutherford

Hi everyone, today I’m delighted to welcome literary agent Laetitia Rutherford to the blog. Here, she discusses what she looks for in submissions, what her ideal query letter is and most importantly, what she does away from the office. Thanks Laetitia for giving up your time, and over to you with your answers… 1) Did youContinue reading “An Interview With… Laetitia Rutherford”

An Interview With… Tom Witcomb

Hi everyone, this afternoon I’m delighted to welcome literary agent Tom Witcomb to my blog. Here, Tom answers my questions on his path to becoming an agent and what he looks for in submissions. Over to you Tom… 1) Did you see yourself becoming a literary agent after you left school? Did you actually haveContinue reading “An Interview With… Tom Witcomb”

First Drafts With… S. E. Moorhead

Hi everyone, and continuing the First Drafts series I am delighted to introduce fellow Liverpool writer S. E. Moorhead. S. E. Moorhead’s novel, Witness X, is out next year. She was kind enough to join me for a quick chat about her writing process, from idea generation to first draft. Over to you Sarah… 1)Continue reading “First Drafts With… S. E. Moorhead”

An Interview With Anne Williams

Hi everyone, and this morning I’m delighted to welcome literary agent Anne Williams to my blog. Here, Anne answers my questions on how she became an agent and what she looks for in a submission letter. Over to you, Anne… 1) Did you see yourself becoming a literary agent after you left school? Did youContinue reading “An Interview With Anne Williams”