10 Questions With… Adam Hamdy

Hi everyone, and today on the blog I’m delighted to welcome crime writer Adam Hamdy.

I met Adam at Waterstones in Liverpool at a debut signing for a local author, Caz Finlay, who has now gone on to write one of my new favourite series in crime fiction.

I was delighted when Adam allowed me to interview him about his writing journey.

Over to you Adam…

1) Did you always want to be a writer? Was there a turning point with any particular book that made you go ‘Wow!’

I’ve always written, but I never thought I could be a professional writer. I’m from a working class family and earning a living from writing wasn’t something I considered possible. I’ve always been an avid reader, so there wasn’t any particular book I can recall that made me go ‘Wow!’ but there were authors like John Wyndham, Stephen King and Alexander Dumas whose work really struck a chord.

2) Did you enjoy English at school?

I loved English and have always written stories. One of my English teachers told my parents he was worried about me because I’d written a thriller about someone trying to stop a bomb going off on a plane as my class short story project.

3) Are you a full time writer? If so, what was your ‘life’ before turning to writing full time?

I am a full time writer. Prior to becoming a writer, I was a strategy consultant and travelled the world advising big companies how to make more money.

4) What advice would you give to the unpublished author?

Spend time figuring out who you really are. It will help you find your voice as a writer, and understand what it is that you want to say. Live an interesting life, meet unusual people, learn how to find stories in unexpected places.

5) Did you dream about being an author as a child? Did you often wander round bookshops thinking ‘That will be me one day’?

I didn’t think become an author was even a possibility. My family didn’t know any authors and it certainly wasn’t one of the options discussed on careers day.

6) Outside crime fiction, what other genre do you enjoy reading?

I love science fiction and fantasy. I also read literary fiction and non-fiction, particularly scientific books.

7) Through lockdown, what have you been watching on television? Do you have a favourite drama that you watch religiously?

Who has time for television? I’ve been working on a new book and a TV show. I’ve learned to sail and have joined the advisory board of a genetic medicine company. It’s been a busy time. I will, however, always make time for Bosch.

8) Through lockdown, have you found that your reading habits have changed at all?

I’ve had less time for reading, because of everything that’s been going on. I’m hoping that will change as my TBR pile is growing.

9) Can you name one fiction author that you admire, and why you like their particular style of writing? Why do their stories intrigue you?

Anthony Horowitz. Clever, beautiful style, marvellously constructed stories and characters who live and breathe. I’m also a big fan of David Mitchell for the same reasons.

10) If you could only listen to Rod Stewart, Freddie Mercury or Brian Johnson (AC/DC), who would you choose and why?

Come on. No Led Zeppelin?! Freddie Mercury. He had a wonderful voice and was a complete outsider at a time when breaking from the norm took real bravery.

Thank you for your time visiting the blog today Adam. Wishing you lots of luck with your next novel and screenwriting.

Bio: Adam Hamdy is an author, screenwriter and filmmaker who has worked with studios and producers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Adam is currently writing Oracle, an original drama series, for the BBC, and is developing To Kill A Shadow, a crime thriller, with See-Saw Films. In addition to his own original work, Adam has adapted a number of comic books and novels for the screen, including the forthcoming film version of David Mitchell’s novel, Number9Dream.

Prior to becoming a writer, Adam was a strategy consultant and advised global businesses operating in a wide range of industries.

Adam’s first novel, Out Of Reach, was published by Dare in 2015. His second, Pendulum, was published by Headline in November 2016. The follow-up, Freefall, was published in November 2017.

Days after Pendulum’s release, the screen rights were snapped up by Tom Hardy’s production company, Hardy Son & Baker.

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