An Interview With… Sam Copeland

Good evening, folks. I’m delighted to welcome literary agent Sam Copeland to my blog. Here, he discusses how he became a literary agent, what he looks for in submissions and his favourite Rod Stewart song.

Over to you, Sam.

1) Did you see yourself becoming a literary agent after you left school? Did you actually have any other career plans?

No, I hadn’t even heard of literary agent of at school. It only occurred to me when I was working in a bookshop. I had no other career plans before that.

2) How did you find your first job in publishing at Curtis Brown?

I was fortunate. I sent one letter to a literary agency and they had just lost their assistant that week, so I was very lucky. But sometimes you need a bit of luck.

3) How did you find being made a Director in Rogers, Coleridge and White?

I have found it rather energising. Helping to shape the company as a whole is fascinating.

4) What do you look for in a covering email by a submitting author?

Just in the email? Competence firstly, then the ability to interest and excite me in whatever they are sending me.

5) Is there something in the crime genre that you haven’t seen or read about previously that you think ‘I could see that in a book’? 

Not in my mind right now. The last time I thought that was ‘I’d love to see a crime novel set in the Muslim community in somewhere like Bradford.’ Next thing I see an announcement for A A Dhand’s Streets of Darkness.

6) What is your guilty pleasure genre? 

No such thing as guilty pleasures.

7) What was the last book you read and did you enjoy it? 

It was actually Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier and to my shake, I’d never read it. But I loved it.

8) Completely random – Do you like Rod Stewart and if so, do you have a favourite song of his? 

Who doesn’t like Rod Stewart? I’ll go for ‘Young Turks’.

Thanks for your time, Sam.

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