A Feature by Fiona Glass

Good afternoon, folks. I’m delighted to welcome fiction writer Fiona Glass to my blog. Fiona has kindly agreed to share a feature on her novel, Got Ghosts. 

Here it is. 

Where there’s a ghost there’s a… crime!

Book genres are becoming ever more firmly fixed these days: something is either horror, or romance, or sci-fi, or crime, and those genres are rarely allowed to mix. But real life’s a lot more blurry than that, and even in fiction, if you scratch the surface of almost any book you find other elements creeping in.

My own book, Got Ghosts?, is no exception. Of course, at heart it’s pure paranormal, with a haunted manor house, a medium who stirs up something she shouldn’t, and all sorts of fun but spooky goings-on. But underneath all that, there’s something more sinister. Because where you have ghosts, you must have had deaths, and only some of those are natural.
Most of the ghosts at Greystones Hall are harmless enough – a medieval knight, a young woman with a baby, even owner Emily’s recently deceased grandfather. But when a TV production company come to film the ghosts, it disturbs a new and malevolent spirit called Alfred, who takes a violent dislike to Emily and her artwork. He rampages through the house, scares the TV crew silly, and upsets the local vicar. And not even Gramps and the other ghosts can help.

At first Emily is as baffled and scared as everyone else. But with a little help from Gramps – and Guy, the deputy back-up medium – she sets out to solve the mystery. And even as the TV crew chase the ghosts – and vice versa – she manages to find out who Alfred is, why he’s so unhappy, and what happened to his own beloved paintings. 

Theft, jealousy, murder, revenge – all these could easily be elements of a proper crime novel. So does that make Got Ghosts? crime? Well, no, not really – it’s far too lighthearted for that, and there are far too many ghosts! But it does show that sometimes, the boundaries between genres aren’t quite so inflexible after all…

Fiona lives within stone-throwing distance (never a good idea in Glass houses…) of England’s largest lake. When she isn’t being a pane in the glass, she writes dark contemporary and paranormal fiction. 

This is mostly in the shape of short stories, but she’s also had two paranormal romance novels and two novellas published so far. Her latest book, Got Ghosts?, a ghostly romp involving a TV production crew in a haunted English manor house, has just been published by Fox Spirit Books. 

You can find Fiona lurking on the internet at her website (www.fiona-glass.com), Facebook (facebook.com/fiona.glass.33) or Twitter (twitter.com/F_Glass_Author). 

Please come and say hello!

Thanks so much for your time, Fiona. 

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