10 Questions With Jessie Keane

Morning folks, I’m over the moon to welcome Jessie Keane to my blog. Jessie is the best selling author of crime novels featuring Annie Carter. 

Here, she chats her love of English at school, strong women in crime fiction and how Annie Carter wandered into her head out of nowhere. 

Over to you Jessie. 

1) Did you enjoy English at school?

English was the only subject I enjoyed at school. I didn’t go to university, as I flunked all exams. I also bunked off at school! But I thoroughly enjoyed English. 

2)  How do you find the process from first draft to book on shelf? 

The first draft to bookshelf is always one long plod. It can take me usually 5 drafts on average to complete a book.

3) Do you have any advice for aspiring authors? 

Advice for aspiring authors: persist. That’s all. If you’re good enough, you’ll get there.

4) What are your views on strong women in fiction? 

I love strong women in fiction. 

5) How’s best for you to work – music or silence? Are you a Rod Stewart fan? 

I work best in silence. I don’t mind Rod Stewart but prefer 10cc.

6) What was the last book you read and did you enjoy it? 

Last book read: Marian Keyes The Break. Loved it.

7) I find writing is therapy for me, somewhere I escape to and where I feel I can lose myself in the written word, how do you feel when writing?

I feel in control when writing. At my happiest, really. 

8) I’m a huge fan of Black Widow! What inspired your Annie Carter books? 

Annie Carter just walked into my brain one day when I was watching a gangster film. Don’t know why. But I’m so glad she did! 

Thanks for taking the time out, Jessie. 

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