About SW

I grew up in Liverpool, where I’m privileged to say I still reside.

I’m currently a criminology student, and I’m most likely to be found with my iPad and notebook adding a few more words to the novel I keep saying I’m going to sit down and just write – only I always prioritise something else, and never end up getting round to it.

When I was younger I found myself enthralled by crime dramas on the television – I credit Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes as one of the main reasons I got into watching BBC dramas avidly and from then on began my never ending daydream of ‘When I’m older, I’m going to be a writer’ – that was seven years ago and I’m still nowhere near the 20K mark of my book.

I only hope one day my dream of being published and on the shelves in Waterstones will come true, well, with a lot of hard work beforehand.

When I see my name in print, I will achieve my life time ambition.

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