10 Questions With Sam Carrington

Good evening folks, I apologise for my absence – real life took over for several weeks and I have had UCAS application to complete and assignments to get done for my Access Course. Without further ado though, allow me to introduce my Q&A with one of my favourite authors, the lovely Sam Carrington. Sam discussesContinue reading “10 Questions With Sam Carrington”

A Feature by Fiona Glass

Good afternoon, folks. I’m delighted to welcome fiction writer Fiona Glass to my blog. Fiona has kindly agreed to share a feature on her novel, Got Ghosts.  Here it is.  Where there’s a ghost there’s a… crime! Book genres are becoming ever more firmly fixed these days: something is either horror, or romance, or sci-fi,Continue reading “A Feature by Fiona Glass”

10 Questions With Matt Johnson

Good afternoon folks and I’m delighted to welcome Crime writer Matt Johnson to my blog. Here, he chats his career highlights from when he was a police officer, self publishing his debut novel Wicked Game and getting an agent for it, and his advice for aspiring crime writers looking to write police procedurals.  1) AsContinue reading “10 Questions With Matt Johnson”

10 Questions With Louise Jensen

Good evening folks, I don’t know about you lot but I’m made up it’s nearly the weekend! Thank God!!  This evening I’m delighted to welcome psychological thriller writer Louise Jensen to my blog. Here, she chats how she was discovered by the WoMentoring Project, the writing processes for her novels The Sister and The GiftContinue reading “10 Questions With Louise Jensen”

10 Questions With Sarah A. Denzil

Good afternoon folks, and this afternoon I’m delighted to welcome crime writer Sarah A. Denzil to my blog.  Here, Sarah chats about self publishing her book, her inspiration for her novel The Silent Child and her views on strong female characters in crime fiction.  Over to you Sarah!  1) As a child, did you haveContinue reading “10 Questions With Sarah A. Denzil”

10 Questions With B. A. Paris 

Good evening folks, I’m delighted to welcome psychological thriller author B. A. Paris to my blog. Here, she chats about growing up in France, her first draft of Behind Closed Doors and her favourite authors.  1) As a child, did you have a favourite author and do you have a favourite author now?  As aContinue reading “10 Questions With B. A. Paris ”

10 Questions With Hollie Overton

Good evening folks, I’m made up to welcome American crime writer Hollie Overton to my blog. Here, Hollie chats about writing for TV as well as being a novelist, her favourite music and how her personal experiences helped her create her debut novel, Baby Doll.  Over to you, Hollie.  1) As a child, did youContinue reading “10 Questions With Hollie Overton”

10 Questions With Helen Callaghan 

Good morning folks, and Happy Saturday!! I’m delighted to welcome psychological thriller writer Helen Callaghan to my blog. Here, Helen chats about how she gained representation, her favourite authors and studying for her degree as a mature student.  Over to you, Helen.  1) As a child, did you have a favourite author?  Oh yeah –Continue reading “10 Questions With Helen Callaghan “

An Interview With Camilla Wray

Good afternoon folks, I’m delighted to welcome literary agent Camilla Wray to my blog. Here, Camilla chats about her journey to becoming a literary agent, advice for aspiring authors and her guilty pleasures of genre.  Over to you, Camilla.  1) Did you see yourself becoming a literary agent after you left school? Did you actuallyContinue reading “An Interview With Camilla Wray”

10 Questions With Jessie Keane

Morning folks, I’m over the moon to welcome Jessie Keane to my blog. Jessie is the best selling author of crime novels featuring Annie Carter.  Here, she chats her love of English at school, strong women in crime fiction and how Annie Carter wandered into her head out of nowhere.  Over to you Jessie.  1)Continue reading “10 Questions With Jessie Keane”