My 5 Top Writing Heroes!

As a child, I always always read. I began with the Harry Potter series so JK Rowling deserves a place for sure. It was her stories of Harry, Ron and Hermione that exposed me to character, setting, plot, dialogue and tone.

As a teenager, I accidentally came across Martina Cole when I wasn’t supposed to. There was my introduction to the crime genre and how to hook somebody from the first sentence. Meeting Martina in 2017 was the most amazing amazing feeling! So much so I’ll never forget it! So, Martina gets a place!

As an adult, I still read crime. So much so, I couldn’t stay away. I found my final three writing heroes during various trips to Waterstones in Liverpool. These are Lynda La Plante CBE, Luca Veste and Mark Billingham.

So in order this time, I give you My Top 5 Writing Heroes…

1) JK Rowling
2) Martina Cole
3) Lynda La Plante
4) Luca Veste
5) Mark Billingham